BWM Single Filer



bwm-single-filerSteel, aluminum, glass. Large, medium, small. Full or empty. Bright or labeled, the BWM Single Filer simplifies your plant operation by keeping all types of cylindrical containers on the move.

From depalletizers, fillers, seamers or labelers, the BWM Single Filer assembles, splits into as many as 6 individual lines and reassemble the containers into a single file.

Efficient, simple and cost effective, the BWM Single Filer will greatly increase your productivity by solving your production line container problems with a rapid paypack. Some customers have seen payback in a matter of weeks.



It simplifies your operation and saves you money.

  • Reduces costs and labor
  • Eliminates production line jams
  • Containers quickly single filed after de-palletizing
  • Can split the output from depalletizers, fillers, syrupers or seamers
  • Re-combines the split output back into single file
  • Ability to divert containers to several destinations
  • Capable of handling the output from two fillers feeding one capper or seamer
  • Lidless containers processed without distortion
  • Reduces plant noise
  • First in - first out
  • Optional

  • Single Filer "wig-wag" assembly to prevent container bridging at single filer(s) entry
  • Mounts to existing or new conveyor
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